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Timothy C. Burns
Major, U.S. Army (Ret)
Director of Army Instruction

Ronald J. Smith

Master Sergent, U.S. Army (Ret)
Assistant Director of Army Instruction



JROTC Cadets are committed to upholding the values which made this nation great. We understand that good citizenship is our goal and responsibility, and these are our watchwords. We not only, represent our nations past and present, but its future. JROTC Cadets are ready to earn our place of leadership in our community, the Armed Forces, government, education, business, or as an executive of industry.

Mission Statement
To motivate young people to be better citizens.

History of St. Joseph AJROTC
JROTC was established in the Saint Joseph high schools in 1919. The program at the three high schools is elective and gives a student one credit per annum toward graduation, up to a maximum of four. The school system is a multiple Junior ROTC Unit with the program being conducted by retired Army personnel.
Beginning in 1959, JROTC became a required subject for all male sophomore students.Enrollment increased each year attaining a peak enrollment of 818 Cadets in 1970. JROTC became an elective the following year after which enrollment declined to 372 in 1973. Females were admitted in 1975. Since then opening enrollments have held between a high of 529 in 1983 and a low of 357 in 1989.
JROTC in the Saint Joseph high schools is unusual in that the program has been in existence since 1919! This was one of the first units formed and also has an outstanding record of performance over this long span of years. It is one of the most consistently demanding and effective education activities in the State. Along with the Pony Express, Saint Joseph has another first.
The local program is most unique in that many families boast of a three-generation membership in JROTC in the Saint Joseph high schools. This is a feat most difficult to duplicate in any organization!
In addition to the program of instruction, the JROTC Cadets take part in many community activities, such as furnishing color guards, parades, escorts, and guides for various school and community functions. For interested cadets, the JROTC program offers many extracurricular activities in which they may participate, such as military societies, military police, rifle teams, and honor guards.
The highlight of the year's activities is the Annual JROTC Review. This is a gala event with all cadets participating in such acts as squad and platoon competitive drills, and recognition of cadets for outstanding accomplishments.
The Board of Education, the Superintendent of Schools, the high school principals, counselors, faculty, and students as well as the city and community of Saint Joseph are justifiably proud and fully supportive of the Junior ROTC Program.

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